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Great innovation in Android 12. Hibernation mode for unused applications



The XDA Developers Forum has taken a close look at the Android Open Source Project for hints of new features coming in the next version of Android. As a result, they found evidence that Google is working on a hibernation feature for Android 12 apps.

From the lines of code in the Android Open Source Project, Google is adding a new system service “that manages the hibernation state of applications. They can enter this state, which means that they are not actively used and can be optimized for storage. “

So far, there are no details about how the function works, so we do not know how applications can enter this state, whether the choice is made automatically based on application usage statistics, whether users can manually choose to put applications into hibernation, how applications will be optimized for storage, how Android 12 will tell the user which apps have been hibernated – these and other questions remain unanswered so far.

In any case, there is very little time left until new details about this feature appear.

Earlier it became known that Android updates can be downloaded from Google Play.

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