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Graphics Drivers Identify Future Intel Products: DG3, Jupiter Sound, and Lunar Lake



On the Reddit site, information appeared on graphics solutions and next-generation Intel consumer processors. This information was posted by a user with the nickname stblr, who previously extracted details about the AMD Navi 21 GPU from macOS drivers.

According to the source, after the not yet officially announced Intel DG2 graphics solution (based on the Xe-HPG architecture), the Intel DG3 version will come. It will be a 13th generation GPU. It is too early to say what tasks this video chip will be used for. However, it can be assumed that it will form the basis of Intel’s first real (modern) discrete graphics card for desktop computers. The mention of this GPU is already found in the drivers, although no technical specifications have yet been disclosed.

Intel Jupiter Sound is ostensibly the Gen13 GPU that will replace the Arctic Sound series. Xe-HP based GPUs have already been demonstrated by Intel and offer configurations of up to four modules and up to 2048 Execution Units.

The Intel codename Lunar Lake also refers to the 13th generation GPUs. It is assumed that such video chips will replace Meteor Lake solutions, but this is unlikely to take place in the near future. Rumors of long-term support for the LGA1700 socket also suggest that Lunar Lake will be the last generation supported by this socket.

Source: videocardz

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