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Google to release Pinpoint tool to help media find facts

by Henry Brown

As you know, Google has long gone beyond support for its own Android operating system and the Chrome browser. This is a technical giant that strives to regularly develop in a variety of, even a couple of atypical directions for itself. Thus, back in 2018, the company invested more than $ 300 million in its new journalistic project in order to help large and not-so-great publications more successfully fight disinformation.

Now it has become known that Google is also going to invest in some specialized software for journalism as part of the Journalist Studio initiative, which includes a set of free tools available to various media outlets. The tech giant claims new tools can help investigative journalism and other projects that require the most thorough analysis of huge volumes of documents and data to find the truth. The main product within Journalist Studio, at least for the coming years, will be a tool called Pinpoint.

It, in turn, will allow reporters and editors to more easily view documents, images and audio files, because Pinpoint is specially able to highlight the names and locations that are most often found in a particular package of documents or data that need to be studied to write high-quality, objective and truthful material. Of course, at first glance, this initiative does not sound like something really amazing and amazing. However, if you go deeper, the use of artificial intelligence technologies from Google will allow you to really very quickly analyze hundreds or even thousands of all kinds of documents.

For example, those publications and mass media that experience problems with the analysis of primary sources will be able to start their activities much better and more productively. Moreover, it is also worth mentioning that Pinpoint’s ability to extract names, dates, addresses and other specifics from audio recordings, handwritten notes or photographs will allow reporters to find in certain files those details that could be overlooked without using Pinpoint … The corporation claims that it has already tested Pinpoint with a number of investigative journalists working for the reputable Washington Post. And the result, as you already understood, turned out to be very impressive. So soon, at least in the west, various news can become even more accurate and reliable.

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