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Google Stadia Streaming Service Coming To iPhone Soon



For a long time, Google could not launch its proprietary streaming game service Stadia on the iPhone due to the fact that the App Store has very strict rules and it could not be done as easily and quickly as on Android.

According to company representatives, in the coming days, all iPhone owners will be able to appreciate the benefits of using Google Stadia. It will work in the same way as similar services of competitors: NVIDIA GeForce Now and Amazon Luna. This means games will be added without a lengthy App Store approval process.

The main difference between Google Stadia and competitors is the different principle of providing access to content. Amazon Luna and NVIDIA GeForce Now require a monthly subscription or access to games will be closed. At Stadia, the price is significantly higher, but access is immediately unlimited.

Streaming gaming services are not very popular, but large companies continue to actively develop them, expecting that the situation will change in the future. Not only the listed market participants have their counterparts, but also Microsoft and Facebook.

The main feature of such a service: the user does not need a powerful and expensive computer, because only an image is displayed on the screen, and information processing takes place on remote servers. This automatically creates a problem with response time and it is still almost impossible to play competitive projects that require instant reaction comfortably. But the rest of the games, which are not so demanding on immediate user actions, “go” very well.

Source: CNBC

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