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Google released the second beta of Android 12: what’s new



Google has released the second beta of its new Android 12 operating system. The update brings quite a few changes from the first public beta released in May.

For example, the Privacy Dashboard has been launched – a panel where you can see what permissions applications received, and when it happened.

Google released the second beta of Android 12: what's new

There are also camera and microphone switches in the quick settings panel, an indicator that shows when the camera and microphone are in use. As a result, the user will be aware of whether the camera and microphone are currently recording data, and, if necessary, can quickly turn them off.

An updated view of the Wi-Fi settings has appeared. When you long press on the Wi-Fi icon in quick settings, a pop-up panel appears, where all available networks are indicated.

Google released the second beta of Android 12: what's new

Android 12 will also become more transparent about which applications are getting information from the clipboard. The new beta version displays a notification at the bottom of the screen if the copied content, such as text, is accessed by more than just the application from which you copied something.

Note that in the current beta version of Android 12, far from all the features that were announced by Google are implemented. In particular, one of the main features is not working yet – adjusting the color theme of the entire system to the wallpaper selected by the user.

Updated: judging by the feedback from the testers, the new wallpaper-based color themes are working:

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