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Google Pixel 4a with a single camera in the DxOMark rankings beat iPhone 11



DxOMark has tested the main camera of the Google Pixel 4a smartphone. Recall that this model has the main camera consists of only one lens with a resolution of 12 megapixels. But this did not stop the device from bypassing, for example, the same iPhone 11 with a dual camera.

And also many other models with multi-module cameras.

According to DxOMark experts, the Pixel 4a shoots as well as the more expensive Pixel 4, and sometimes even better.

The smartphone does an excellent job with both photos and videos.

The advantages of the Pixel 4a camera were attributed – accurate exposure, fast autofocus, perfect white balance, high brightness (both when shooting indoors and outdoors), as well as an excellent night mode.

The disadvantages are the following – not always enough detail, when shooting portraits, there is not enough depth of field, the dynamic range is limited.

Source: DxOMark

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