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Google may be forced to sell Chrome and some of its advertising business



Over the past several months, there have been a series of investigations into the activities of major American technology companies. The US Department of Justice is currently investigating Google’s antitrust case. They are wondering whether to get Google to sell their Chrome browser and some of the lucrative advertising business.

These solutions were proposed by the Justice Department in reviewing and preparing for an antitrust litigation that began a few weeks earlier. This may be the first such ruling issued by a US court in decades.

According to insiders, authorities are still discussing how to reduce Google’s control over the $ 162.3 billion global digital advertising market. Various departments have not yet made a final decision. However, prosecutors are urging advertising experts, industry competitors and the media to take possible steps to weaken Google’s control.

The Justice Department is also preparing a separate antitrust lawsuit in which Google is accused of abuse of control over the online search market. The department may officially file a claim next week. Representatives of Google and the Justice Department declined to comment.

The US government’s antitrust subcommittee recently announced that Google has created a huge monopoly empire. The committee argues that Google, a subsidiary of Alphabet, is using its own services to suppress competitors and dominate all markets, from ads to maps. The report also warns that Google’s growing cloud business and Fitbit acquisition plan could further cement that monopoly.

Experts believe Google, Amazon, Apple and Facebook have monopoly power. In addition, Google is leveraging its dominant position in search engines and control of the Android operating system to increase its share of the web browser market. The committee recommends that Congress amend the antitrust law to force them to spin off their businesses and make acquisitions more difficult.

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