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Google is actively promoting its premium YouTube subscription




Many active users of YouTube video hosting on various platforms – especially on mobile – have recently begun to notice that Google is more and more actively trying to impose on them the need to subscribe to the premium version of the YouTube account, which hides some additional premium functionality. This is especially noticeable on Android and iOS platforms, where the scale of such a call has acquired a truly unusual indicator, and where users are practically forced to look for a way to turn off such notifications. However, today it became known about a rather unexpected decision by Google regarding the YouTube PiP service on iOS.

The fact is that the management of Google has decided to permanently stop supporting the so-called picture-in-picture mode when working with the YouTube application on the version of the operating system iOS 14 – moreover, users of this version of the operating system, who are free users, can no longer put this application in a separate window when they activate dual-window mode on one display.

It is worth noting the fact that YouTube is now becoming a somewhat more aggressive platform in terms of siphoning off funds, but not from users, but from companies and organizations or groups that use video hosting to make money. But it seems that some echo of this new policy is the targeting of free users who still use the free version of the app, and who could become potential users of the premium version of the subscription – provided that the company can motivate them in some way.

While YouTube continues to test new marketing policies for its users, a number of experts have raised doubts that the company will actually be able to offer any kind of universal way to get many people to its premium service in a short time. It becomes clear that Google intends to optimize and adapt its strategy in the future, but so far it is rather difficult to say how interesting and useful the current stage is.


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