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Google introduces new Where to Vote filter in its search engine



Google is quite well known for its unusual projects aimed at making the daily life of many of its users much more convenient and interesting – so the company’s new Where to vote project provides an even easier way to quickly find the most suitable place to send your vote. This filter function appeared as part of the Google Search search service and invites all US residents and citizens to take part in the upcoming presidential elections in advance, having previously selected one or another district, state and city to determine the most suitable voting point.

Google notes that it is only interested in providing all politically and socially active US citizens with the opportunity to vote in advance for one or another candidate in the upcoming presidential elections in the country – that’s why the project bears that name. The ability to do this in advance is primarily due to the fact that many people simply do not want to expose themselves to the unnecessary risk of contracting a new type of coronavirus, being surrounded by too large a crowd at the moment when the presidential elections begin to gather around them even more people who want to vote.

It is for this that Google has added the appropriate Where to vote filter, which shows on the map the location of the voting stations closest to the user – the user only needs to select his state, city and region in advance, and then the automatic filters of the Google search engine will be able to determine the most optimal and suitable polling station or a place where you can cast your vote in one way or another.

Given that the new type of coronavirus continues to have a significant impact on the daily life of a huge number of people, it becomes clear that the introduction of such a regime is a really great strategy in order to avoid massive infections with coronavirus, as well as for all users to know in advance which site is closer just to them. It remains only to wait for the first patches and edits of such a search filter, since some users report intermittent display errors in the areas.

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