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Google has found out the cause of the Pixel Buds malfunctions




Google Corporation is one of the world’s largest tech giants, which produces both a huge number of software products and hardware devices, among which the branded Pixel Buds wireless headphones should be singled out separately. In fact, this headset is an extremely good representative of its segment. And nevertheless, the big name could not save Pixel Buds from various problems that the tech giant has been trying to fix for several months.

Now, the company has confirmed that it has finally identified the true cause of a strange, and at the same time very annoying error, due to which the sound in the headphones could disappear every 2 minutes. 50 seconds – immediately. And if you believe the official posts on the company’s support forum, a new firmware update is currently being rolled out for the above wireless headphones. It is this that will have to eliminate the sudden loss of sound every 2 minutes.

And yes, updating these very headphones for some users will not be as seamless as in the case of some other wireless headsets. For example, if you’re not using your Pixel Buds with an Android phone, Google says you’ll have to contact support to get and install the update. There you can discuss other options for obtaining a new firmware, because it is designed to update the connected headphones via Bluetooth to a phone running Android 6.0 or higher.

Google also managed to thank its customers for reporting the above issue. The company is still trying to improve the stability of its second generation Pixel Buds. The company released a number of new headphone features last month, including a new bass boost EQ setting and fixes to help improve Bluetooth connectivity. However, then it did not help – many users still faced the problem described above. So in the event that you do not want to buy Pixel Buds precisely because of the above problem, then you should wait for the upcoming firmware. And in the event that the problem is really eliminated, then there will no longer be any contraindications for buying Pixel Buds. At least I really want to believe in this.


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