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Google Assistant copied incognito mode from browsers




The personal Google Assistant is now available on a wide variety of devices, from smartphones to smart speakers and smart TVs. Since launch, Google Assistant has received new features and support for more voices. Now Google says the company will soon release a guest mode feature.

A Google blog post says that this feature will arrive in the next few weeks. In guest mode, interactions with the Google Assistant are not saved to your Google account. This can be compared to using incognito mode while browsing the web.

Google says you will be able to activate guest mode with a voice command. For now, you can ask Google Assistant to remove your last request and it will remove it from your Google account. However, if you have many requests, the process of removing them can be tedious. Guest mode eliminates the need for this.

Plus, Google will soon start sending critical security alerts directly to users through the Google app, rather than to your email. The notification will appear as a flashing red icon on your profile picture.

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