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Google asked the court not to involve it in the Apple-Epic Games “war”




When Epic Games decided to go against the injustice of the app store, it added an additional payment method to both iOS and Android versions of mobile Fortnite. As a result, the game disappeared not only from the App Store, but also from Google Play, and both companies received a lawsuit from Epic, but internet giant asks not to get involved in a corporate war.

My company is on the edge

Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers, who is handling the Epic and Apple case, decided to engage a third party in the face of Google. Nevertheless, the owners of Google Play decided not to dive deeper into this matter, and explained to the judge that they were superfluous there. According to internet giantApple uses a different ecosystem and policies, so the outcome of the litigation could lead to “conflicting results.”

“While Android and iOS compete to attract app developers and end users, Google and Apple use different business models, agreements and policies to support competing ecosystems, ”the appeal says.

The difference between Android and iOS lies in the openness of the system. At the beginning, Fortnite for the “green robot” was completely installed via a third-party application bypassing Google Play, but Epic Games had to add the game to the store due to pressure of the platform owner. In addition, after being removed from the official store, Fortnite can still be downloaded from the Galaxy Store or third-party resources.

Plus, the Android audience isn’t that important to Epic Games. According to Sensore Tower. In the 30 days before the lawsuits were filed, iOS players spent $ 43.4 million on Fortnite, while Android gamers only spent $ 3.3 million.


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