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Google and Apple join Next G Alliance to build next-generation 6G networks



The development of 5G is advancing by leaps and bounds, and there are already plans to introduce new networks in many countries and regions. But leading manufacturers are already starting to think about next-generation networks.

Following China, the 6G technology race was adopted in the United States. Recall that China has already sent a new satellite into space, which will provide the first 6G tests. According to this information, the speed of such a network will exceed 5G by 100-150 times. Funnily enough, Apple itself just started releasing the iPhone 12 with 5G support.

You should not rush to make forecasts. Analysts are confident that new networks will appear no earlier than six years from now. Interestingly, Google and Apple have already joined the Next G Alliance, a North American trade group that will host the first conference in a few days.

Not everyone is happy with this step. For example, a user of the information portal gizchina is sure that 4G speed is enough to meet all modern needs, including watching high-definition video, but instead he recommends manufacturers to increase the autonomy of devices, and one cannot but agree with this statement.

Source: gizchina

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