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Google adds Night Mode to its budget version of Camera




Google has announced an update to the Camera Go app for low-performance Android smartphones. Budget devices can now use Night Mode for low-light shooting.

Like Night Sight in a conventional “Camera”, Night Mode takes multiple shots with different parameters and combines them to increase the clarity and expand the dynamic range of the resulting image.

Now, Camera Go users can use their devices to capture high-quality images with rich, accurate colors, even in low-light conditions, such as in low-light rooms or outdoors at night.

It’s unclear if there is a difference between Night Sight and Night Mode, but image processing on budget smartphones will clearly take longer.

The innovation in Google Camera Go is launched from the Nokia 1.3 smartphone, and later other smartphones running Android Go will receive it. In the future, the application will also acquire the HDR function – its development was announced in April this year.


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