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Goodbye iPod nano: Apple officially recognizes the player as a vintage device

by Henry Brown


Apple has officially said goodbye to the seventh generation iPod nano. The player, introduced on September 12, 2012, was included in the company’s “vintage and obsolete products” list.

This iPod was last updated in 2015. Then the new colors of the player came out, but the filling remained the same. At the same time, it is surprising that the operating system looked very similar to iOS 6 – this is also a “volume” axis. Let me remind you that iOS 7, released in 2013, became flat, which is why many people were very burned.

In such an updated but old form, the player was sold until the summer of 2017.

What do these statuses mean?

Vintage products are devices that have not been sold for five to seven years. Obsolete – more than seven years old. At the same time, you may notice that the seventh generation iPod nano has become an exception in a sense – the model was still on sale less than three years ago.

However, even the updated model was identified as Late 2012 and was officially discontinued in 2015. In general, it is easy to get confused here, which, in fact, happened to me. But this will not change the fact that all seventh generation iPod nanos are vintage. Even if you bought it from the officials in 2017.

The status of a vintage product means that an official authorized service center can fix the player, but this will only be done if the necessary parts are available. That is, you may be officially denied repair. Even for your money.

Outdated devices are not repaired at all and are not accepted for service. That is, the official service center will definitely refuse to service and repair this player, if suddenly some trouble happens to it.


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