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Glory at any cost: Lucid Games spoke about the upcoming Destruction AllStars action game for PS5




Studio Lucid Games has spoken in more detail about the racing action Destruction AllStars, which will be released on PlayStation 5 in November this year. In this game you will need to not only drive cars, but also walk.

Destruction AllStars has 16 AllStars available for you. Races take place in the arena, where you appear, alone or with teammates, and climb into one of the cars. The latter differ in the characteristics of speed and maneuverability, and also – in case you manage to stay in the game for a long time – have other unique elements. For example, Saber has a retractable blade, and Andisputed creates a shield.

Your main task is to destroy enemy cars by colliding with them. A successful hit can even destroy the car immediately. Without a car, however, the game continues. Controlling the driver, you need to dodge enemy attacks, collect useful items, lure your opponent into traps and steal their vehicles. Heroes can gain several valuable abilities such as disguise, invulnerability and trail of fire. Also Lucid Games talked about “Boxstop” – this enhancement sends “packages” that give bonuses to allies and damage opponents.

In addition to this, the developer said that he plans to release updates after the release of Destruction AllStars, which will be available for free. They will include new modes and changes to old ones.


In addition to the Standard Edition, the Digital Deluxe Edition will be on sale. It contains:

  • 1 Legendary Character and Vehicle Skin
  • 1 dance emote for Lupita;
  • 4 banners and 5 avatars;
  • 10,000 AllStars coins.

Destruction AllStars will be released on November 12 only on PlayStation 5.


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