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honda electrico kit complementario honda electrico kit complementario

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Get the most out of your electric Honda with this eco-friendly add-on kit



Honda wants to focus directly on the electric car. At the moment it does so only with its Honda-e, a very distinguished model in many aspects, but from which it wins especially in everything that is its new and very technological interior. In this direction, the firm has also sought to equip its cars with a complementary kit that makes them even better than they already are.

Honda focuses attention on its technological interior

Honda is faithfully committed to the fully electric vehicle. Until not long ago, this was far from his real convictions, since his future sights were placed on vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel cells or other configurations such as hybridization with greater or lesser prominence.

In this regard, the Japanese brand announced a few months ago its goal of reaching a level of net emissions in terms of its models sold in the year 2040, either through battery or fuel cell electrification. It does it all through new all-electric prototypes that will take care of complete the range of the next sub-brand, the future e:N.

However, until that becomes a reality, the Japanese are looking for very efficient ways to complement our battery-powered car. A specific case is the one that occurs with the ‘e’ (here its technical sheet) possibly the most avant-garde model (or one of the most) on the market due to its latest interior. In those, Sakura’s firm proposes, for its part, to materialize it through a totally ecological complementary kit.

What is it about

As we say, Honda has taken its interior concept to another world for its electric model, the Honda-e. A car with a futuristic, conceptual image, of great design… and that looks really good in everything that has to do with its avant-garde philosophy to the latest in relation to its total technology.

Thus, this interior idea is based on a fully digital dashboard, consisting of five high-resolution color screens that occupy the entire width of the passenger compartment. Of course, it also launches new connectivity and entertainment systems. The instrument panel is an 8.8-inch TFT display located right in front of the driver and, of course, it is the one that shows relevant information about driving, such as speed, autonomy, battery charge status, driving mode chosen, etc…

Interior Honda electric add-on kit

All in all, what the Japanese manufacturer has done is to incorporate to all this instrumentation what is an extra addition that makes it even more irresistible, hence it settles as the aspect that all users and drivers like the most. However, we speak of contributions as a renewed multimedia system that allows you to control the navigator, the audio equipment, the telephone, configure the different driving aids, check the status of the batteries and use mobile applications. It is also compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and can also be managed through voice commands, responding to the order ‘Ok, Honda’.

The digital key and other details of interest

Something that wins integers, beyond all the technology it equips, is the feeling of quality that is in it, so much so that we can put the premium label on it. With high quality materials, it is also presented with details such as its specific buttons, as well as a special molding that simulates the wood of the dashboard.

Inside Electric Honda Application

All while the different pieces look very well put together. We can thus say that it is an interior that conveys the feeling of being well done, which is why Honda wanted to show it with all possible guarantees. For its part, and as something very typical of the house, what the firm has done is to include in its kit a smartphone app that will allow remote access to vehicle information.

This is the state of charge, air conditioning, location… or sending information to the car from the phone, such as the location of a recharging point or any other destination for the navigator. One of the functions of this application will be to digital key, since by means of the telephone it will be possible to open or close the car without the need for a physical key.

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Electric Cars

The brainchild of BYD and Mercedes-Benz: presented crossover Denza N8



The brainchild of BYD and Mercedes Benz presented crossover Denza N8

BYD introduced the new Denza N8 crossover, which is an upgraded version of the BYD Tang model.

The announcement turned out to be formal: the manufacturer published the first images, but did not disclose details about the technical component of Denza N8.

The brainchild of BYD and Mercedes-Benz: presented crossover Denza N8

According to Chinese Automobiles, Denza N8 will be available with hybrid and pure electric powertrains. In addition, it is known that buyers will be able to choose between the number of seats in the cabin (5, 6 or 7).

The original BYD Tang was released in 2015, a second generation followed in 2018 and is still in production today. In 2019, Denza X was released based on this model, which was created in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz. Denza N8 replaces Denza X.

The brainchild of BYD and Mercedes-Benz: presented crossover Denza N8

Prices and other details about the Denza N8 will be made public later.

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Electric Cars

Tesla GigaBier introduced. It’s already available for purchase.



Tesla GigaBier introduced Its already available for purchase

Tesla has released a limited edition Cybertruck-themed GigaBier beer. Beer is offered for $30.

It is worth recognizing that this is not the first original idea from Elon Musk’s companies. Previously, The Boring Company offered flamethrowers and Burnt Hair cologne with the smell of burnt hair, and Tesla released a Cyberwhistle in the spirit of Cybertruck. Of course, there was Tesla branded tequila. By the way, at the time of its announcement, they also thought that this was an April Fool’s joke.

Tesla GigaBier introduced.  It's already available for purchase.

The Tesla GigaBier bottle is designed to mimic the shape of the Cybertruck, paying homage to the 500-year-old Reinheitsgebot tradition of German brewing. Enjoy this beer brewed in Berlin with our exclusive Cyberhops and notes of citrus, bergamot and sweet fruit. Each bottle has a glow-in-the-dark Giga logo.


Tesla is selling a pack of three beers for 89 euros.

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Electric Cars

The Chinese sat down Qualcomm and Nvidia? China launches its own 7nm SoC for cars with 8-core CPU, 14-core GPU and LPDDR5 memory support



The Chinese sat down Qualcomm and Nvidia China launches its

Many cars are now equipped with Qualcomm SoCs (which are responsible for both multimedia capabilities and driver assistance systems) and Nvidia Drive systems-on-a-chip (for advanced autonomous driving functions). But China managed to release a competitor, if not to Nvidia platforms, then to Qualcomm for sure: mass production of the 7-nanometer SoC Dragon Eagle No. 1 for use in cars (so-called “digital cockpit systems”).

The Chinese sat down Qualcomm and Nvidia?  China launches its own 7nm SoC for cars with 8-core CPU, 14-core GPU and LPDDR5 memory support

Wang Kai, CEO of SiEngine Technology, said work on Dragon Eagle No. 1 was carried out for three years. During this time, the system was developed, verified, tested and launched into mass production.

SoC includes all standard components including 8-core CPU, 14-core GPU, LPDDR5-6400 memory controller, 8 TOPS Neural Processor (AI Task Accelerator), ISP, DSP clusters and other typical Components.

It is reported that as early as the middle of the year, many new car models will be released in China that will use the Dragon Eagle No. 1. Among these automakers are Geely and FAW.

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