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Gamers confused: Xbox One X sales up 747%, but console is confused with Xbox Series X




While Sony is in no hurry to radically change the name of its consoles, Microsoft continues to change the name from series to series. However, there was confusion with the new generation, and gamers started ordering the wrong Xbox.

Gamers got confused

Twitter user Andrew Alerts noticed that Xbox One X sales on Amazon jumped 747%. In the publication, the author joked that some of the consoles could have been bought by mistake, but not everyone laughed.

Some users actually ordered the wrong Xbox. One of the gamers was buying a console “half asleep” and accidentally chose One X over Series X. Another was planning to take Series S, but ended up choosing an Xbox One S. The guy only discovered the error when Amazon announced that the goods would be shipping on September 30th.

In part, Amazon itself is to blame for the confusion. As wrote Chris cooksonwhen he tried to find the Xbox Series X on the store’s website, the service sent him to the section with the Xbox One X. It was possible to get to the desired page only from the official Xbox website, thanks to an advertising banner.

At the same time analyst Benji-Sales notes that the panic is exaggerated. Firstly, sales growth of 747% may seem large, but the Xbox One X sold poorly all summer, so there is no talk of a large circulation. SecondlySeries X and One X boxes are different, and the latter will soon disappear from the shelves altogether, so there should be no confusion on November 10.

The Xbox Series X and Series S themselves are selling great. Microsoft has already boasted of record pre-orders, and said there will be more consoles at launch.


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