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Galaxy Z Fold 3 may have an indicator light on the pivot mechanism

by Henry Brown


Samsung’s first foray into designing and releasing a smartphone with a flexible and swiveling display Galaxy Fold, of course, was not very successful, but at least it demonstrated what such devices can be in general – and therefore in the next iteration Galaxy Fold 2, the company was able to fix many technical flaws in the first version, including significantly improving the rotary mechanism of the screen folding. So today, quite encouraging and interesting data appeared on the network regarding what Samsung intends to do with its next flagship Galaxy Z Fold 3 in this regard.

In particular, several insider teams have provided quite interesting information that in the Galaxy Z Fold 3 Samsung can integrate something like an LED indicator directly into the display folding mechanism, which will play several roles at once. First, it will offer a fairly convenient and quick way to find out when the smartphone is experiencing a potentially dangerous type of collapse or is located on such a surface and under such conditions when it is easiest to damage this mechanism.

And secondly, such a light indication can serve as a signal for not completely correct use of both parts of the display in the Galaxy Z Fold 3, when the user can accidentally interact incorrectly with two displays at the same time. It is worth noting the fact that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is still a preliminary concept and has not even been announced, but many inquisitive mobile industry experts are already speculating about what awaits us.

In particular, many say that Samsung will probably want to more daringly experiment with some of the individual functions and capabilities of its pivot mechanism, giving it a somewhat more coherent and durable look and design – but on the other hand, the direct integration of LED backlighting into its the structure with a high degree of probability can disrupt the course of work under some critical circumstances and moments. It remains only to wait for immediate plans and news from Samsung.


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