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Galaxy S20 Fan Edition may surprise Samsung fans



Samsung, apparently, at this point in time can actively pore over its new model in the face of the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition, since the current market and user indicators relative to the standard model do not please users at all – in particular, today there are some rumors and assumptions about the real state of affairs in this direction. Given that the standard configuration of the Galaxy S20 is indeed experiencing quite noticeable difficulties regarding its popularity and functionality, it becomes clear that Samsung may try to rectify the situation in the face of a special Fan Edition.

Moreover, once a South Korean manufacturer has already done this with respect to its far from being the most successful model Galaxy Note 7, which in its original form experienced a bunch of problems with the battery and some basic functions that did not work quite correctly. However, Samsung itself continues to be silent about such a likelihood of development, since it believes that it should focus on current priority tasks – on the other hand, the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition may also have some technical problems and flaws, because even with the most attentive format of correcting errors many manufacturers somehow cannot keep an eye on everyone.

And if the company manages to really present something interesting to its users, then most likely in the future it will try to do the same with the extended version of the Galaxy S20 Note, although in this respect there are many questions and not entirely accurate details related to the current state of the mobile market.

It can be assumed that the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition will be a kind of revelation for all those Samsung users and fans who are really interested in becoming the owners of an updated device even at a lower price – because there is a good chance that if the updated model all the same will see the light of day, then it will cost significantly less than the original configuration. For now, it only remains to wait for the final completion of this hidden stage of development and new news from insiders.

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