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Galaxy Note 20 Ultra was tested in DxOMark




The latest smartphone tested by the DxOMark team was the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra. He took tenth place in the overall ranking.

According to the results of all tests, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra received 130 points for photos and 101 points for videos. The final score was 121.

The photos taken on the Galaxy Note20 Ultra have nice colors, accurate exposure, wide dynamic range and good detail. Among the disadvantages, experts noted intermittent zoom, visible noise in low light, as well as some autofocus failures. The portraits, like the night ones, turned out to be first-class, almost the same as in the S20 Ultra.

As for the video, the experts noted the accurate exposure and wide dynamic range in most conditions, the balance between sharpness and noise, nice color reproduction, fast autofocus and good stabilization work. However, video recording is also better done at 4K and 30 frames per second.



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