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Galaxy Note 20 Ultra camera is ranked 10th on DxOMark




DxOMark specialists tested the new smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra and evaluated the performance of its cameras. At the same time, the device scored 121 points and is located on the 10th line in the ranking of the best cameras in DxOMark smartphones. This model was ranked one place below the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Despite the fact that the camera is outstanding and often provides good results, it was not without its complaints. In particular, when shooting, inconsistent zoom operation, noticeable noise when shooting in low light conditions, some failures in autofocus work are observed.

DxOMark Ranked # 10 Galaxy Note20 Ultra Camera

On the positive side, the DxOMark team noted excellent results when shooting with wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle modules with bright images, accurate exposure and fast autofocus. The portrait shots were also top-notch, almost the same as the S20 Ultra. The results of the telephoto module’s work already looked less impressive. Loss of detail was observed after crossing the 4x mark. Night shots were good with good exposure, color retention and detail.

When shooting video, the best results are obtained at 4K resolution and 30 frames per second. At the same time, the overall result of the camera when recording video fell slightly short of the quality provided by other flagship devices available on the market, such as the Galaxy S20 Ultra, Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Source: gsmarena


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