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Galaxy Note 20 began testing the new shell One UI 3.0



In recent years, Samsung has shown a rather strange policy of distributing the most important Android system and security updates – in particular, as the new beta version of Android 11 gradually began to make its way into a wide range of consumer devices, the company decided to continue to focus on selective update type. So today it became known that the Samsung team of programmers decided to provide access to the beta version of the new Android 11 system for one specific model – namely for the Galaxy Note 20 – however, we are not talking about all units of this model, and not all regions and zones of distribution.

For some reason, Samsung decided that it would be a good idea to first initiate an update to the beta version of Android 11 for the American versions of its smartphone – and, as if this intention were not enough, the company announced that only those smartphones would receive the new update. which are distributed under the auspices of mobile and internet service providers Sprint and T-Mobile. Although, in a sense, now it is actually the same provider, but with slightly different features of the service.

Thus, the decision to release a new beta version of Android 11 for this model is also associated with the desire to test, using the example of the flagship Galaxy Note 20, all the capabilities of the new One UI 3.0 software shell, which Samsung is really proud of and considers its best work in the segment of its own software. software designed to make the user experience somewhat more comfortable and multifunctional in a variety of ways.

If Samsung manages to present an even more detailed format of its new shell and make it much more optimized, then it is highly likely that soon the One UI 3.0 shell will become a kind of benchmark, against which the company will begin to distribute its even more multifunctional and interesting custom shells. interface in Android 11. For now, it remains only to wait for the final deployment of the current software version from Samsung.

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