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G Suite Now Google Workspace: Big Rebrand and New Features




Google has announced the rebranding of the G Suite office applications platform. Now it is called Google Workspace: all products included in it will receive new logos and features.

Google Workspace users will be able to create and collaborate on a document right in the Gmail chat window, mention colleagues in the text using the @ tag, communicate via Google Meet in a picture-in-picture mode on top of other Workspace services. These and other new features will be coming to products in the coming weeks and months.

The new branding for Google Workspace and its Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Meet, Docs, Sheets and Presentations now includes four-color icons.

Our new Google Workspace branding reflects a more coherent, rewarding and flexible experience, and service icons will reflect the same. They represent our commitment to creating communication and collaboration tools for everyone.

According to Google representatives, most of the listed services began to be developed more than 10 years ago as separate applications that solved various problems. Now it has been decided to integrate them more strongly – this is reflected in the new logos.

The innovations will first affect current business users of G Suite, and later will be rolled out to everyone with a Google profile.


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