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From $ 370 for 43 inches to $ 1,100 for 75 inches. Amazon unveils its first TVs



Rumors that Amazon is preparing to introduce TVs under its own brand have ceased to be rumors. The company has just announced its first TVs, and there are eight new products at once, they are divided into two series: Fire TV 4 – basic, Fire TV Omni – standing one step higher.

New items will only go on sale in October, but prices have already been announced. They look like this:

Amazon Fire TV Omni:

  • 43 inches – $ 410;
  • 50 inches – $ 510;
  • 55 inches – $ 560;
  • 65 inches – $ 830;
  • 75 inches – $ 1,100

Amazon Fire TV 4:

  • 43 inches – $ 370;
  • 50 inches – $ 470;
  • 55 inches – $ 520

The Fire TV Omni series supports long distance voice control without the need to press any keys. You can ask the TV to start a show, play music, display a weather forecast, or display a picture from smart cameras located around the house. Basically, you can interact with TV in the same way as with smart Amazon Echo speakers. If you want privacy, you can turn off the microphones – for this, a switch is located under the screen. And if you need video calls, then the TV can be retrofitted with a webcam with support for the Zoom service.

From $ 370 for 43 inches to $ 1,100 for 75 inches. Amazon unveils its first TVs
Amazon Fire TV Omni

Fire TV Omni supports Dolby Digital Plus and wireless Echo speakers for a wider listening experience. The 65- and 75-inch models are the only Amazon TVs with Dolby Vision HDR support.

From $ 370 for 43 inches to $ 1,100 for 75 inches. Amazon unveils its first TVs
Amazon Fire TV 4

Amazon Fire TV 4 features thicker screen bezels and does not support webcam connectivity. These TVs also have a voice assistant Alexa, but it is not activated by voice – only by pressing a button on the remote. Fire TV 4 supports HLG and HDR10.

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Electric Cars

The electric vehicle market has set a record: more than half a million cars were sold in just a month, of which 50% were bought in China



As reported by TheElec with reference to EV Volumes, the total sales of electric vehicles in August exceeded half a million units. More precisely, it is said about 510 thousand cars, including countries for which data were not available.

It also reported that total sales doubled from the same month a year ago. Interestingly, more than half of all electric vehicles sold (about 260 thousand units) in August were registered in China. In Germany, about 52 thousand electric vehicles were sold, while sales in the US market amounted to about 44 thousand units.

In France in August of this year, 17,000 electric vehicles were sold, in Norway – 14,000 vehicles, in South Korea, sales reached 9,600 units, which is 172% more compared to the same period last year.

EV Volumes also clarified that the launch of the Tesla Model Y and Hyundai Ioniq 5 in new markets spurred sales in August. Tesla Model 3 was the most popular electric vehicle, with global monthly sales of 282,000, and EV Volumes predicts total sales of electric vehicles this year to reach 6.41 million.

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Another PlayStation 5 achievement. In the UK, 1 million consoles were sold in record time.



PlayStation 5 has set another record. This time in the UK, where the console sold 1 million units in 39 weeks from its launch.

This is the best result among Sony consoles in this country. In particular, the PS4 took three weeks longer to achieve the same achievement. Moreover, until July, the PS4 was ahead of the PS5, but only because of the deficit of the latter. Since the middle of summer, there have been more new consoles in the UK, and the PS5 has easily bypassed its predecessor.

It is also worth noting that a month earlier, Sony reported that it had already sold 10 million PlayStation 5 consoles. That is, almost 10% at the moment fell on only one UK.

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Geely founder sets up a smartphone manufacturing venture



Chinese carmaker Geely, which owns Volvo, has announced that its chairman Eric Li, also known as Li Shufu, is setting up a new company that will make premium smartphones.

Founder Zhejiang Geely Holding’s new venture will aim to launch its first smartphone by 2023 and sell 3 million units in the first year.

Lee had previously made futuristic bets on ventures such as flying cars and helicopter taxis. In a smartphone market that is no longer growing in China, the new company will have to compete with Apple, Xiaomi and other established manufacturers.

Notably, smartphone makers are looking to enter the electric vehicle market, realizing that the smartphone boom is coming to an end. However, Geely is the first car manufacturer to try to move in the opposite direction.

The company said in a statement to Reuters that the new company will be called Hubei Xingji Shidai Technology Co Ltd and that it has already signed an agreement with the Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone to establish a headquarters in the central city of Wuhan. Li owns 55% of Xingji Shidai. The project will be financed with an investment of $ 1.55 billion.

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