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Fossil Gen 6 smartwatch will receive Google Wear OS and will compete with the next generation Apple Watch



Fossil was interviewed by CNET and said it has no plans to update software to Google Wear OS for previously released watch models. Those looking to get a new Fossil watch with Wear OS should wait for the Fossil Gen 6 release later this year.

Greg McKelvey and Steve Prokup, Fossil’s Chief Commercial Officer and VP of Connected Devices, respectively, said in interviews that the Gen 6 smartwatch will have “all the software benefits that Google is talking about.”

Fossil Gen 5E

The watch will receive more modern hardware that will provide better performance, longer battery life and advanced health monitoring functions. In terms of design, Fossil did not reveal key details, but said its watch will continue to feature a variety of designs, including buttons and digital crowns. The screen will remain the primary means of interacting with the watch.

The new Fossil Gen 6 watch won’t come cheap. The company positions them as a competitor to the next generation Apple Watch smartwatches.

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