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Forza Horizon 4 Compared On Xbox Series X And ​​Xbox One X



The popular YouTube channel Don Joewon Song posted a video comparison of the Forza Horizon 4 race on the Xbox One X and Xbox Series X. The game has already been optimized for the next-gen console.

And the list of innovations is quite impressive. Judge for yourself:

  • In 4K, the frame rate is increased to a stable 60 fps;
  • You can skip the opening screens on Xbox Series X;
  • The list of cars is scrolled through without additional downloads;
  • Changing cars while free driving around the map takes only 3 seconds (on Xbox One X it takes 8 seconds);
  • Launching the game from the interface on Xbox Series X will take you to the Forza Horizon 4 main menu in 37 seconds. On Xbox One X, this takes 2 minutes and 24 seconds;
  • The Xbox Series X version has improved reflections on cars and surfaces;
  • There are more fans in stadiums and streets;
  • Fast Travel takes 31 seconds on Xbox Series X and 59 seconds on Xbox One X
  • The player returns to a missed checkpoint in a race on Xbox Series X instantly, while on Xbox One X it takes 3 seconds.

All Forza Horizon 4 Xbox One owners can upgrade to the next-gen version for free.

Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X will go on sale November 10.

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