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Fortnite won’t return to App Store until May 2021




Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers issued resolution Apple will continue to block Fortnite in the App Store on iOS and iPadOS. Epic Games requested that the game be returned for the duration of the proceedings.

The Epic Games v Apple trial is slated for May 3, 2021. Until then, Fortnite or any other Epic app will not be available on iPhone and iPad.

At the same time, the court forbade Apple to block the accounts of the developers of the Unreal Engine and threaten to block them. According to Yvonne Gonzalez, the dispute between the two companies should not create problems for the others. It is believed that the outcome of the case will affect other companies with a similar ecosystem.

Epic Games filed a lawsuit against Apple in August after the company removed the Fortnite game from the App Store. Apple provoked Epic to take such a step, violating the rules of the app store. A judge was appointed to consider the case, who in 2013 dismissed a similar claim.

You can launch Fortnite on iOS using the GeForce Now service. This and the other 600 games are available in the browser, but with limited graphics quality.


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