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Fortnite May Return to iOS



Fortnite May Return to iOS

The litigation between Epic Games and Apple is far from over, and until today there was no hope that Fortnite could return to iPhones and iPads. But today there is some positive news for shooter fans.

According to the BBC, Epic Games will partner with Nvidia on its return to iOS and iPadOS.

Nvidia has reportedly made a version of the GeForce Now game that will run on Apple’s operating systems via the Safari browser.

Using the game streaming service GeForce Now, Epic Games will not only be able to reappear on Apple gadgets, but also bypass the 30% Apple Store commission. In addition, the GeForce Now service offers free use of the platform, but for an hour’s gaming session.

Of course, if Fortnite comes to GeForce Now, Apple won’t sit idly by. And this threatens with new lawsuits.

Source: macmagazine

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