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Ford unveils Team Fordzilla P1 virtual racing car (photo + video)

by Henry Brown


Ford, which in recent months conquered the US market with the release of the updated Ford Bronco, there is now a new racing car concept coming in 2021 in a … video game.

Last summer, Ford launched an esports team called Team Fordzilla and now features a virtual racing car concept created by Ford designers with input from the gaming community. Dubbed the P1, it was officially unveiled at the recent Gamescon 2020.

The design decisions were made via fan voting on Twitter, Ford said in a press release. They voted on social media for specific elements such as seating position, cab design and powertrain options that Ford’s designers included in their work.

As a result, two complete drafts were prepared, which were voted in the final poll by about 225,000 Twitter users. The car, designed by Arturo Arinho, exterior designer for Ford Europe, took a decisive victory with 83.8% of the vote.

Arinho’s design was partially inspired by the current Ford GT, but also has some futuristic touches.

The automaker said it is in “advanced discussion” with the developer to bring the P1 concept to a racing game in 2021. Ford is also building a life-size concept car model at its design studio in Cologne, Germany, which will be unveiled later this year.

Ford executives said that participation in the games will help influence corporate thinking, but otherwise it is unclear what plans they have for Fordzilla or how their current work relates to the car business.

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