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Forbes: Microsoft wants to buy Nokia, again



US software giant Microsoft is considering buying Nokia again. True, now we are not talking about the mobile business, but about the division that develops network and communication equipment. This was announced on Tuesday, September 6, by Forbes, citing CCS Insight analysts.

According to CCS Insight forecasts, a US company should buy Nokia Networks next year. True, in addition to Microsoft, Intel is called another likely buyer. Experts attribute the interest of American IT giants to Nokia’s network business to the fact that the US government at the legislative level prohibited local cellular operators from using equipment manufactured by Huawei and other Chinese companies in their networks, since they pose a threat to national security. And the purchase of Nokia Networks will allow Microsoft or Intel to take it to the next level as US carriers seek an alternative to Huawei.

Nokia last week struck a deal with BT, the UK’s leading telecom operator. Under the terms of the contract, the Finnish company will become the largest supplier of networking equipment for BT. And this, according to analysts at CCS Insight, has already attracted attention overseas.

It should be noted that recently Microsoft has been actively interested in the telecommunications space. Earlier this year, the corporation acquired two companies that will help it gain 5G expertise. We are talking about Metaswitch and Affirmed Networks, specializing in software development for telecommunications companies and virtualized mobile networks.

Keeps pace with Microsoft and Intel. The chipmaker is also showing an active interest in 5G technologies and, according to analysts, will make itself known in the telecommunications field in the coming years.

By the way, Microsoft and Nokia already have a common history. In 2013, the software giant acquired Nokia’s mobile business for more than $ 7 billion. But the attempt to make Windows Phone a serious competitor to iOS and Android failed miserably, and in 2016 Microsoft sold the smartphone division to the Chinese company FIH Mobile (a subsidiary of Foxconn) and HMD Global for $ 250 million.

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