Home News Following its own processors, Apple will have its own video cards

Following its own processors, Apple will have its own video cards

by Henry Brown


The fairly authoritative publication China Times has published a note that talks about Apple’s work on video cards with its own GPUs. The first such GPU is codenamed Lifuka. Lifuka-based 3D maps may hit the iMac in the second half of 2021.

Market watchers point out that Apple has dropped support for AMD GPUs in 64-bit macOS, suggesting that AMD GPUs will no longer be used in the future. They will be replaced by video cards with GPUs of their own design. Apple laptops with their own central processors are on the way (the first model is expected before the end of the year), the next stage is video cards with their own GPUs. They will debut in all-in-one iMacs in the second half of next year.

The publication, referring to sources familiar with the situation, assures of the progress made in creating its own GPU. The first one is codenamed Lifuka, and it will be produced by TSMC as part of the 5 nm process. Of course, it will provide much better performance per watt than current GPUs. It will also enable developers to create more powerful video editing software.


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