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Five Asian alternatives for iPhone 12 comparable in performance, quality, price.



The new iPhone 12, which officially debuted on October 13, thrilled the tight-fisted Ukrainian audience at an incredible price. For the most “advanced” version of the device in the Pro Max version, the average “pereichny” will have to pay a six-month salary (₴ 51,425). The cheapest mini version will cost ₴ 25,700. The basic phone with the most modest memory costs ₴ 29,384. In this review, we will talk about the competitors of Apple devices from Asia, comparable to iPhones in terms of characteristics / quality / price.

Competitor # 1 – Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

Galaxy advantages: 3-modular camera, more productive 120 GHz screen, twice as much memory in the basic version (128 GB versus 64 GB) and the presence of a fast charger in the kit.

Five Asian iPhone 12 alternatives

The advantages of the IPhone 12 in the basic version is a more “advanced” 5-nanometer process technology.

At the price of advantages on the side of the S20 FE (-8,000 UAH in comparison with the basic version of the “twelve”).

Competitor # 2 – Samsung Galaxy S10

This model of the South Korean brand is interesting for lovers of modern compact devices “a la iPhone 12 mini”. All other android devices, with the exception of the Sony Xperia 5 II, are excessively gigant (the dimensions close to tablets make the devices uncomfortable to carry in jeans pockets).

Five Asian iPhone 12 alternatives

The aforementioned Sony phone, unlike the Galaxy S10, cannot boast of outstanding capabilities. Most of the characteristics of the South Korean smartphone are quite comparable to those of the “apple” mini. At the same time, the price of the “Korean” released a year ago is much lower for obvious reasons.

Competitor # 3 – iPhone 11 Pro

The older brother of the “twelve” boasts a better camera and a normal package (the basic set includes a wired EarPods headset, coupled with an 18W power adapter).

Five Asian iPhone 12 alternatives

The capabilities of the pro version of the previous generation and the basic version of the new item are generally comparable. At the same time, the price of the “outdated” device is significantly lower, as evidenced by the more frequent discounts from domestic retailers after the iPhone 12 premiere. So, in the first hours after the presentation of new products, the cost of “eleven” fell to less than $ 600 (about ₴ 17,000).

Competitor # 4 – Huawei P40 Pro

This option is a real godsend for haters of the Android operating system. US sanctions against the Chinese Internet giant forced him to intensify work on creating his own shell, which was named HarmonyOS. The second version of the firmware with numbers 2.0 in the title was released about a month ago.

Five Asian iPhone 12 alternatives

Google services in Huawei smartphones have been successfully replaced by their own counterparts, and the branded application store has become the third in the world in terms of the amount of content offered. In addition, many developers are actively migrating towards the Chinese brand due to numerous benefits (zero or near-zero fees for programs, games and applications sold through AppGallery).

The cost of the P40 Pro in UAH, depending on the version of the device, varies between ₴ 27,000-29,000.

Competitor # 5 – OnePlus 8 Pro

Installed in the “top” version of the device, one of the most productive processors of our time, Snapdragon 865, provides a smartphone with performance close to fiction, which is confirmed by the regular hit of OnePlus 8 Pro in the TOP-10 of AntuTu ratings. The shooting quality of this gadget is also at the highest level. And all this for a relatively modest fee of ₴ 23,000.

Five Asian iPhone 12 alternatives

The only drawback of the OnePlus 8 Pro is the huge 6.76 ”screen.

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