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Fitness bracelets Xiaomi and Amazfit will be able to measure body temperature – after a firmware update



An update will soon be released for Xiaomi and Amazfit fitness bracelets, which will allow these devices to measure body temperature. The update will be available on Xiaomi Mi Band 2, Mi Band 3, Mi Band 4 and Mi Band 5, as well as on Amazfit Band 5.

The mention of the thermometer function was found in the code of the proprietary Mi Fit application, which works with Xiaomi and Amazfit bracelets. It states that the measurement will take at least five minutes (about five times slower than electronic thermometers with medical purposes).

Xiaomi and Amazfit fitness bracelets do not have a built-in thermometer, so they will rely on calculations according to Liebermeister’s law, taking into account the heart rate and optical indicators for measurements. To calibrate the wristband, you may need to set up a new function using a conventional thermometer.

When launching the updated application Mi Fit (for Xiaomi bracelets) and Zepp (for Amazfit products), the user will be shown detailed instructions for setting up the thermometer function. Of course, these data cannot be used for medical purposes, they will be provided for informational purposes only, when other methods of temperature measurement are not available.

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