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First reviews of Sony PlayStation 5. What do the Japanese say about the console?

by Henry Brown


Microsoft recently handed out Xbox Series X consoles to various bloggers and large IT resources, and we got a lot of reviews and impressions, although, of course, Microsoft forbade a lot from telling.

The main thing to learn from this is that the console is quiet, fast, and you can switch between games very quickly. Now Sony has done a similar feint, but for some reason limited itself only to Japanese bloggers, and even then did not give them prefixes, but invited them to her place.

But we can also learn something from this. The PS5 is said to be very quiet too. Previously, many doubted that a console in such a form factor and with a very high GPU frequency could be quiet, but for some reason everyone forgot that the APU itself on the Sony console is noticeably smaller than the processor in the XBX, so the increased GPU frequency in the context of TDP, it is leveled by a smaller number of stream processors of the graphics core.

The Japanese played in Astro’s Playroom, Godfall and Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition, that is, Sony gave the lucky ones to try out a new generation project, although this does not really matter now.

So, the console is quiet, and after an hour and a half of playing, it’s also not hot. So, apparently, everything is really good with cooling there. Of course, the console is very fast, but I haven’t found any details on this yet. And gamers also really liked the dynamic triggers and the new vibration system – exactly the technologies that should, judging by the promises, radically distinguish the PS5 from both XBX and PS4.

Unfortunately, since all the relevant videos are in Japanese, I could not get any other details out of them. Perhaps if any of you speak Japanese, you can translate something interesting for us.

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