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First of its kind: transparent OLED TV that can be hidden at the foot of the bed



LG Display unveiled interesting concept designs at CES 2021. Among other things, a transparent 55-inch OLED TV was presented, which can be hidden in a piece of furniture, such as a headboard.

Transparent TV hidden

This isn’t the very first transparent display to debut at CES in recent years. Transparent screens were demonstrated by LG itself, and Samsung, and Panasonic.

However, this is the first screen of its kind – made in the form of a ready-made TV, which, indeed, can be installed by someone at home, and not just admired at the exhibition and forgotten for decades to come.

The working prototype of the OLED Smart Bed shown at the show is a transparent TV that stows away at the foot of the bed when not in use. In this case, you can pull out the entire screen, for example, to watch a video, or partially – for all sorts of useful information, such as weather forecast, time, player control, and so on. Speakers are built into the frame.

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