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Fans are making a new game in the Diablo series. Demo is free to try

by Henry Brown



Diablo fans have unveiled a playable demo of Diablo Respawned. This is not another remake, but a completely new game, collected on mechanics and other recognizable elements of the classics, but with a completely different formula for progress.

The developers describe their project as “a 2D action RPG with roguelike elements.” They tried to isolate the best mechanics and elements from all three games in the series, combining them into a completely different gaming experience with much faster sessions. The final version of the project will be distributed absolutely free of charge – although the question of whether the fan development will live up to this moment is open. Blizzard can end Diablo Respawned in no time.

However, until this happens, everyone can try out the early alpha version – two play zones and one character are available in it. When the full version will be released and whether the authors will publish other demo builds on the network, it is not reported.

A source: gamejolt.com


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