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Surgen instaladores falsos de Telegram para PC que tendrian incrustado el malware Purple Surgen instaladores falsos de Telegram para PC que tendrian incrustado el malware Purple Fox


Fake Telegram Installers Coming With Purple Fox Virus



Within the instant messaging tools, Telegram is one of the most popular thanks to the variety of options it offers us and how robust this platform is in terms of security.

Also Telegram not only offers you the opportunity to take advantage of its options from the smartphone, but also on the PC, since it has an official version designed for this platform.

However, the presence of fake PC versions of this messaging tool that could put the security of these computers at risk.

It all started in March 2021 with the detection of a malware known as Purple fox, which acted by scanning and infecting the Windows operating system via the internet in order to make it vulnerable and then proceed to attack it.

It is worth mentioning that before that, in 2018, this same malware had been detected carrying out the infection of computers through phishing emails and exploit kits.

Now it seems that the malware has changed its strategy and is infiltrating computers through fake installers by Telegram for PC from unofficial pages.

In that sense, the installer renders a compiled autoIT script named “Telegram Desktop.exe»That when transferred to the PC generates two icons: a real one from the Telegram installer accompanied by a malicious one.

Although the only way to run the Telegram installer is by clicking on it, in the case of the autoIT program it does not need to be clicked to run, as it does so automatically.

Once this happens, the program proceeds to create a new folder called TextInputh at the address C: Users Username AppData Local Temp

In this directory is stored the icon of the legitimate Telegram installer that will not even run, along with the malicious downloader.

Once created TextInputh.exe inside the folder it starts its destructive action by first copying the file 360.tct with name “360.dll“, followed by rundll3222.exe Y svchost.txt in the folder ProgramData.

Then start the execution of the file ojbk.exe, then going to eliminate 1.rar Y 7zz.exe, thereby marking the end of the process.

After this a registry key for persistence is generated, while dll starts disabling the Control of User account, then giving way to the execution of the payload (scvhost.txt) which causes the unauthorized installation of five more files on the computer.

Ultimately, the purpose of these files is to make it difficult for security tools installed on your computer to detect Purple Fox malware.


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Named the best apps and games for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV and Apple Watch



Named the best apps and games for iPhone iPad Mac

Apple has announced the winners of the annual App Store Awards, naming the 16 best apps and games presented in the App Store in 2022.

This year’s winners represent a diverse community of developers from around the world whose apps and games have been selected by the Apple App Store editorial team for “exceptional experiences and deep cultural impact.”

This year’s App Store Award winners have reimagined our app experience with a fresh and thoughtful perspective. From self-taught soloists to international teams operating around the world, these entrepreneurs make a significant impact and represent how apps and games affect our communities and lives.

Tim Cook, Apple CEO

Named the best apps and games for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV and Apple Watch

iPhone App of the Year is BeReal, which lets you share photos and chat with friends. It does not have filters and masks, so the pictures are as vivid as possible, close to reality. Apex Legends Mobile was named the best game for iPhone.

The iPad App of the Year was GoodNotes 5 by Time Base Technology Limited, which “takes digital note-taking to the next level with best-in-class Apple Pencil support.”

For Mac computers, MacFamilyTree 10 was the best app, which will be appreciated by genealogists, and for Apple Watch smartwatches, the Gentler Streak app was chosen.

You can see the full list of applications, including eight games, on the Apple website.

Recall that the former top manager criticized the App Store in a recent article.

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Xiaomi has declassified the “Project Blade”: the minimum firmware size, the minimum occupied memory and the minimum non-removable applications



Xiaomi has declassified the Project Blade the minimum firmware size

Today, Xiaomi revealed interesting details about the MIUI 14 firmware, which will debut simultaneously with the Xiaomi 13 and Xiaomi 13 Pro flagships. It turned out that its second name is “Project Blade” (Razor Project). Apparently, this name was given due to the fact that in MIUI 14 the developers tried to get rid of everything superfluous. In all senses.

Xiaomi has declassified the

Firstly, the firmware itself will be smaller: the software file size is reduced by 23% compared to the same MIUI 13 file. This means that at least MIUI 14 will download faster.

Xiaomi has declassified the

Secondly, the memory management system (RAM) in MIUI 14 works more aggressively. As a result, the user will get more free memory.

Xiaomi has declassified the

Thirdly, in MIUI 14, Xiaomi will allow you to delete any application, except for the eight main ones (dialer, SMS client, browser, standard camera application, etc.).

Xiaomi has declassified the

According to rumors, MIUI 14 should be the first MIUI 14 firmware in a long time that will not have built-in ads. However, the company has not yet confirmed this long-awaited “feature”.

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Apple’s App Store ‘has become an ad-infested copycat of itself,’ says former company senior manager



Apples App Store has become an ad infested copycat of itself

Business Insider published an article titled “Apple’s App Store has become an ad-infested copycat of itself, which is not good for iPhone users or developers.”

Its author is Michael Gartenberg, a former senior marketing manager at Apple, who also worked at Gartner, Jupiter Research, and the Altimeter Group. He is also an Apple shareholder.

Unfortunately, the app store is no longer the crown jewel of the Apple ecosystem. These days, it seems like it’s more about boosting Apple’s revenue than serving customers or helping developers thrive.

But that wasn’t always the case, as Michael Gartenberg argues: “Ask any Apple executive what makes Apple special, and the answer will almost always be the Apple ecosystem—the company’s (previously) unique position in building both hardware and software with tight integration. Apple realized back in the 90s that better hardware and software didn’t matter much without apps.”

Apple's App Store 'has become an ad-infested copycat of itself,' says former company senior manager

According to him, the App Store was created to provide the beautiful hardware and elegant operating system of the iPhone with thousands of applications created by programmers running their own application business. Apple carefully selected the apps it featured prominently, helping the best developers gain exposure and helping users find the best choice for their needs. Apple takes a commission for this.

Now, after 15 years of using the iPhone, I see how the app store has become a copycat of itself. The first problem I had was with the ads, which are getting more and more intrusive. I don’t mind ads in general, but the way Apple uses them in the app store has gotten really annoying. For example, when I search for an app, I get bombarded with ads for other apps and sometimes even products that are not related to what I’m looking for.

He also stated that the App Store has all sorts of applications that are “garbage”, and the recommendations work very strangely. Sometimes a person who is looking for a gambling addiction treatment app is offered a gambling app.

I remember Apple founder Steve Jobs boasting that no ads were part of Apple’s ethos. “No ads. We create products that we want for ourselves, and we just don’t need advertising,” Jobs said back in 2011. As an owner of Apple shares, I understand that Apple, driven by the ever-hungry demands of Wall Street, uses advertising to increase revenue. After all, Apple is a commercial enterprise. But as a longtime Apple customer, I mourn the days when the need for revenue didn’t take precedence over the need to serve customers.

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