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Facebook Messenger and Instagram are now one




About a month ago, we already wrote that Facebook corporation is going to take the integration of its applications and social networks to a whole new level. It was then about integrating Facebook Messenger with Instagram. And now, finally, the aforementioned technical giant has taken this extremely crucial step towards the integration of its various platforms. That is, from now on, users selected by the company have the opportunity to send messages to their Facebook friends via Instagram and vice versa.

Moreover, in addition to the launch of the so-called “cross-platform messaging”, some interesting changes happened separately for Instagram. In particular, private messages have undergone a truly “overhaul”, which have expanded with functions that were previously present only in Messenger. In particular, the new Instagram messaging tools include disappearing messages, selfie stickers, customizable emoji, the ability to change the chat color, new ways to block unwanted messages or users.

But perhaps the most attention here deserves the “Watch Together” function, which was also borrowed from Messenger. She, in turn, allows you to watch videos with friends during a joint video call, in order to either have fun together or discuss some important point. At the moment, the company provides access to the new functionality not to everyone, but only to selected users who are most active on both Facebook and Instagram. And nevertheless, after some time, when all the functionality will be brought to mind, the corresponding updates will become publicly available (of course, if Facebook does not change its mind to release it).

By the way, in addition to the already mentioned “cross-platform messaging”, Instagram and Facebook Messenger users will also be able to search for user profiles in both applications at the same time through one. But if this functionality seems superfluous, useless, or simply unnecessary to you, then the technical giant provides an opportunity to refuse it. Unfortunately, even the approximate release date for all of the above innovations for the general public is still a secret, but it is still worth assuming that the update will be released no later than mid-November of this year.


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