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Facebook criticized user protection in iOS 14 over likely loss of revenue




The arrival of iOS 14 will bring new possibilities for iPhone users, but at the same time, it will upset many companies.

What’s wrong with iOS 14

Facebook, for example, is already unhappy and heralds trouble. The company announced to advertisers that the new protection system in iOS 14 will affect the collection of user information and potential revenue.

If earlier advertisers could use IDFA tools, which allowed tracking human actions in applications and websites, then iOS 14 will partially close the shop. because of new privacy features, developers will have to ask the user for permission to perform such manipulations.

As a result, Facebook announced that it will not use IDFA in applications on iOS 14. due to Apple policy changes as the tools will not be useful. In addition, the company is not going to make changes to the Audience Network advertising platform, which will affect developers by falling revenues.


“We don’t want such a change, but unfortunately Apple’s iOS 14 updates forced us to make this decision. We know this could seriously impact the monetization opportunities through the Audience Network on iOS 14, and despite our best efforts, it could make the Audience Network so ineffective on iOS 14 that it might not make sense to offer it in the future. While it is difficult to assess the impact on publishers and developers at the moment due to the large number of unknowns, during testing we saw a fall in Audience Network’s revenues of more than 50%, ”writes Facebook.


Source: Wccftech

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