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Facebook: Apple doesn’t want users to be told about its 30% commission




On the Apple war background and Epic Games decided to contribute its fly in the ointment and Facebook. Company representatives told interesting information about politics apple companies.

What happened

IN Facebook recently updated a feature that allows for paid events. To support users in pandemic time COVID-19, social network is not took for it’s no commission.

But in App Store has 30% commission off Apple. Facebook asked the company to refuse her to support the organizers of the event, but Apple refused. Then the social network decided to explain to the user that it was Apple who was charging a commission from shopping, and place a notification under the payment button. But the update was rejected. Apple explained this by the rules of the App Store: developers cannot show to users irrelevant information.

The shopping function is now available, but without notice of commission. It only states that the company itself is not takes no tax from transactions conducted within the application.

Now more than ever we should let people know where to in fact, money goes to small businesses. TO Sorry, Apple has rejected our notice of 30% tax, but we we continue to work to ensure that this information appears inside the application, stated in Facebook.

Source: Reuters

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