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Experts said whether it is possible to charge a smartphone up to 100 percent




It is believed that frequent charging up to 100 percent negatively affects the operation of the mobile device. However, not all experts agree with this opinion. Experts confirm that the charging process really leads to the wear of the gadget.

The more often the device is charged, the more its performance decreases. It is noted that smartphones can withstand an average of 500 charging cycles.

Incomplete charging (for example, up to 60 percent) really reduces the load on the mobile device. In this situation, the number of cycles can be almost doubled.

However, the charging frequency will also increase. If a person will need to connect their device to the network every 2-3 days to charge up to 100 percent, then in the case of “savings” it will have to do every day.

Experts note that 500 cycles of full charging is equivalent to three years of smartphone life. However, 1000 cycles of incomplete charging due to increasing process frequency are equivalent to the same three years.

Therefore, there is no need to disconnect the mobile device from the network when it reaches 60-80 percent.

The smartphone battery can be safely charged up to 100 percent. The main thing is to make sure that the gadget is not left connected to the network for a long time after charging is complete.


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