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Experts have tested the work of Smart Access Memory on the Intel platform



At the presentation of the new generation processors, AMD showed a feature for accelerating video cards. At first, it was presented as a unique feature that will be supported only on the company’s platforms and only with processors and video cards of the latest generations. However, Nvidia said that their graphics cards will also support memory management, and they are willing to include the option in support even on older Intel platforms. And that changed something on the battlefield of competitors.

After such a “release,” the red camp deprived the technology of its uniqueness and allowed the use of Smart Access Memory with RX 6000 series video cards even on platforms with Intel processors. And recently, specialists from the Legit Reviews resource compared how AMD’s proprietary technology works on a native platform and on a system from another manufacturer.

AMD previously shared their own SAM testing with the Ryzen 9 5900X and RX 6800 XT. According to the manufacturer, the maximum difference between a system with and without SAM is up to 18% in favor of the new function. In particular, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla began to show 6% more fps at 1080p. Now it’s the same, only on Intel.

The resource specialists calculated that on the Intel platform the difference is 14% on average fps and 6.8% in 0.1 fps.

But Borderlands 3 is already showing much more modest percentages – only 6.3% of the difference. At the same time, on the AMD platform, it was 12%.

Watch Dogs: Legion shows the difference in margin of error.

Dirt 5 is only 3%.

The comparison cannot be called a full-fledged comparison, because only two games participated in the comparison, and the rest were used in order to find out what percentage of performance SAM will give to the owner of new video cards.

A source: legitreviews

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