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Experts from iFixit disassembled Surface Duo and were unpleasantly surprised

by Henry Brown


If you are fond of various gadgets, as well as their internal structure, then you are clearly aware of the existence of such a company as iFixit, which regularly uploads materials dedicated to the parsing of devices to its website and YouTube channel, and also assigns them a rating on a maintainability scale. And so, this time, the craftsmen from iFixit disassembled the Surface Duo – the expected by many and extremely interesting in terms of concept, a smartphone from Microsoft, which, as the name suggests, has two screens.

And right away it should be said that although everyone thought that repairing Surface Duo would be a much easier task than repairing the conditional Galaxy Z Fold 2 by yourself, in fact, the design of Microsoft’s brainchild is not so simple, as a result of which the dismantling of individual parts can be extremely risky. Before proceeding with the dismantling process, the specialists from iFixit took a very X-ray image of the brand new Surface Duo, thanks to which it was concluded that the insides of the left half of the gadget look close enough to what we can see if we disassemble any iPad.

However, if we talk about the right side of the smartphone, then about it iFixit says that it “does not look like what we have seen before.” Unlike all other designs, the right side of the Surface Duo is essentially a solid “wall” of the PCB with a small window in the middle that houses the second battery. So even though Microsoft didn’t make a splash with its Surface Duo, we can still argue that this tech giant has adopted a completely new way of placing components in this device. If you want to disassemble your Surface Duo, then do it at your own peril and risk, because this smartphone, just like almost all other Surface devices, is held together with glue, which in turn ensures the tightness of the entire structure.

But if this does not bother you, then still be extremely careful, because inside the device there is a huge number of various fragile cables and modules that can be easily damaged if you do not pay enough attention to them. So in the event that your Surface Duo’s battery loses its maximum capacity over time, you are unlikely to want to risk so much and try to replace it personally, since to do this, you will have to disassemble both halves of the device. So while the Surface Duo is quite a handy and functional device, it is a rather weak product in terms of maintainability.

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