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Experts analyzed the internals of the Apple M1 chip and compared it with the A14 Bionic SoC



Tech Insights portal experts analyzed the internals of the Apple M1 chip and compared them to the internals of the Apple A14 Bionic SoC, which is used in the iPhone 12 and iPad Air 4.

The A14 and M1 chips are designed by Apple and manufactured using the most advanced microelectronics technology – the 5nm process. TSMC N5.

Tech Insights has the ability to take photographs of crystals, as well as conduct structural and circuit analyzes of microelectronics developed using technology up to 5 nm.

The experts found that the A14 chip has a similar design to the M1, it is optimized for mobile devices and has a 37% smaller die size than the M1. Both chips have multi-core central (CPU) and graphics processing units (GPU), they have a neural processor (NP) to perform various AI tasks. It is noteworthy that the M1’s CPU cache is larger than that of the A14, but its system cache is 20% smaller.

Table showing the difference in dimensions (areas) and number of elements of the M1 chip compared to the A14 chip.

Experts Analyzed the internals of the Apple M1 chip and compared it with the A14 Bionic SoC

Tech Insights said that in January 2021 it will release a detailed report analyzing the elements and design of the circuitry of the A14 and M1 chips.

Hacker News Users hope that Tech Insights will release additional information and label the rest of the M1 chip.

June 22, 2020 at the 31st WWDC 2020 Developer Conference Tim Cook announced about a historic event – Apple will use ARM processors in the Mac. This is the third change in architecture in the history of the company.

On November 10, 2020, Apple introduced the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro 13, and Mac mini on the new M1 ARM processors.

Generalized description chip M1.

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