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Even Chinese companies have stopped producing chips for Huawei due to US sanctions




Apparently, the US authorities are planning to completely destroy Huawei. Through sanctions, the White House has blocked companies from accessing hardware and software designed and manufactured using US technology. In this situation, the consequences for Huawei can be truly catastrophic, because even compatriots cannot come to the rescue.

One of the ways out of the situation could be the reorientation of the company to the domestic market of the country, both in terms of sales and in terms of purchasing components. It could be assumed that a number of Chinese partner companies would support Huawei in this difficult time, but the reality turned out to be not so rosy. According to the authoritative resource DigiTimes, Chinese chip makers have suspended the supply of their Huawei products since yesterday. All joint projects that would allow the production of components for the needs of the Chinese tech giant were also frozen.

It is quite obvious that the partner companies took such a step, fearing to be out of favor with the United States, since the continuation of cooperation with Huawei threatens them with negative consequences. Chinese companies are afraid to risk their market position. Obviously, Huawei will be extremely difficult to survive in such circumstances.


Recall that authoritative analysts report that in the current situation, the release of new devices by the Chinese tech giant may be significantly delayed. It is assumed that Huawei Mate 40 will be released at the very end of the year, and not in October, as previously planned. In turn, the folding Mate X2 may even be delayed until 2021.

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