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Europe is lagging behind its 21-year emission targets



Enel, an international electricity and gas production and distribution company that grew out of an Italian agency of the same type, issued a press release examining the situation with the reduction of emissions in Europe. According to Enel, despite some progress, Europe is lagging behind its 21-year emission targets.

“The EU’s decision to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 55% rather than 40% by 2030 from 1990 levels, accompanied by the recent Fit for 55 package, confirms that decarbonization is at the heart of building Europe’s future,” says Francesco Francesco Starace, CEO of Enel.— Bridging the investment gap of about 3.6 trillion euros needed to reach the 2030 target in Europe, of which Italy alone – about 190 billion euros, will have a cumulative impact on GDP of more than 8 trillion euros, of which more than 400 billion euros in Italy ”.

It is estimated that if Europe continues to implement its plans at its current pace, it will achieve its goal of reducing emissions by 40% by 2043 only, and by 55% by 2051. The head of Enel believes that acceleration requires “a management system adequate to the scale of the task and capable of translating intentions into concrete actions.” In particular, we are talking about closer coordination between the EU member states and the revision of the regional strategy.

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