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Epic Games Store New Free Games List Announced



Epic Games Store New Free Games List Announced

The new game on the free download list is The Textorcist: The Story of Ray Bibbia. It will be available for free download from 12 to 19 November. The project will replace Dungeons 3, which costs 26.99 pounds. Those who have not been able to play the project can download it until November 12.

The second project on the list will be Wargame: Red Dragon, which was originally supposed to be released this week for some reason, was recently postponed, and instead Dungeons 3 was included in the list of free games.

It is Epic Games’ policy to allow gamers to download two free games every week. The digital store was first opened in 2018 and was positioned as an alternative to Steam. As time has shown, Epic Games has done well.

Epic CEO Tim Sweeney said such promotions are driving more sales for the developers themselves. The Epic Games Store is also currently running a Halloween Sale with up to 75% off games.

Source: videogameschronicle

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