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Epic Games, Spotify, Tinder, and More Form a Coalition Against Apple’s App Store Policy

by Henry Brown


Several large companies have formed the Coalition for App Fairness, which aims to “creating a level playing field for the app business and giving people freedom of choice“. The coalition includes companies such as Epic Games, Spotify, Match Group (owner of Tinder), Tile, Deezer, and others.

The Application Fairness Coalition is expected to become a centralized organization that will provide assistance to developers, especially those who do not have enough resources to confront Apple. The coalition says it welcomes “companies of all sizes in all industries looking to protect consumer choice, stimulate a competitive environment and create a level playing field for app and game developers around the world“.

We join the Application Fairness Coalition to protect the fundamental rights of developers to build applications and do business directly with their customersand, ”commented Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, on the creation of the new organization.

The coalition has already raised three major controversial issues that led to the creation of the organization. We are talking about Apple’s 30% commission on payments made through the App Store, the inability to distribute iOS applications outside the official store, as well as Apple’s anti-competitive behavior. It is noted that Apple uses control over the iOS platform to promote its own services. Citing CNBC, the coalition notes that 30% service fees alone generate more than $ 15 billion in revenue for Apple annually.


A so-called “code of conduct” has also been proposed, the rules of which the coalition asks to accept Apple and other owners of app stores. The desires of the organization are quite ambitious. For example, the coalition is asking that companies not be forced to distribute applications only through an exclusive platform, and that all developers and platform owners have equal access to the technical infrastructure.

It is worth noting that the requirements of the Application Fairness Coalition are not new and have already been voiced by various companies at various times. Despite their demands, many developers continue to submit their apps to the App Store and abide by Apple’s policies. Most likely, without some kind of judicial intervention, Apple is unlikely to meet the coalition.

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