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Enthusiast Equips Canon R5 with Cooling System to Achieve Unlimited 8K Shooting



Overheating of the Canon R5 limited the ability to shoot 8K video. Matthew Perks of DIY Perks has created a kind of cooler that allows the camera to operate without restriction by cooling with water.

This kind of system has long been implemented in computers and in the internal components of cars.

The Canon R5 can shoot about 20 minutes of 8K video before overheating. The camera then takes up to two hours to cool down enough for another recording. This can be a hindrance for professional users.

Perks used a thermal imaging camera and found a hot spot on the back of the Canon R5 while recording video. Then he opened R5 and examined the insides. It turned out that the main processor generates a lot of heat during recording, and that the thermal spacers covering it are not very well located.

Matt decided to use a thin strip of copper to channel heat away from the processor to the water cooling system. However, when he started testing the camera, it still shut off after 20 minutes, giving out an overheating warning, although the processor was getting less hot.

This provoked controversy that overheating is detected by a timer, and not by the thermal sensor itself, and resetting the timer can extend the recording time of the camera. Canon has responded by releasing a firmware update that changes the way the R5’s internal temperature is controlled.

Then Matt ran his test again, and he showed that the camera no longer has a recording time limit. The enthusiast recorded video in 8K for over 4 hours, while the camera did not give out warnings about overheating, and its temperature remained normal. Without a cooler, the Canon R5 could only record 6 extra minutes of video.

Convinced that proper cooling can be critical, Matt decided to find a more compact solution to increase the camera’s recording time. It now includes a copper plate inside the camera, a rear radiator, and a dedicated external fan. The platter alone provides 39 minutes of additional recording at room temperature, and the fan on the base allows unlimited recording at room temperature. The addition of a heatsink on the rear allows for unlimited recording at higher ambient temperatures.

Perks notes that Canon could design its camera to transfer heat to the bottom of the camera and sell a separate cooler for videographers.

In March this year, the Chinese Nubia has already presented the first series of powerful gaming smartphones Red Magic 5G with built-in coolers, like in laptops or PCs. An active cooling system provides hot air outlet and cold air intake. The solution is suitable for those who like to arrange hours of gaming sessions.

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